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Service Operational Performance Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence


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Resource Center

Service Operational Performance

Policies and Procedures

 Article on Anticoagulation Clinic Operational Characteristics
Analysis of high and low performing anticoagulation services in the VA system based on operational characteristics
 CMS Physician and Non-Physician Billing Guide
Supplemental information about benefits for claims based on patient's eligibility, provisions of the Law, and regulations and instructions from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
 Policies and Procedures Example 1
 Policies and Procedures Example 2
 Policies and Procedures Example 3
 Policies and Procedures Example 4
Feb 2014;52-page example from Harvard Vanguard depicting Clinical Guidelines & Practice Protocols for all aspects of patient care; includes appendices for dose adjustment and extreme INR values
 Sample Form for POC Device Quality Control Documentation
 Sample Job Description for Warfarin Manager
 Sample Letter for Missed Appointment
 Sample Policy for Adverse Event Documentation
 Sample Policy for an AC Clinic, 2014
25 page policy from Mt. Nittany Medical Center including protocols for patient education, staffing and credientials, referrals, scheduling, monitoring and comprehensive clinic procedures
 Sample Policy for POC Devices
 Sample Policy on Billing
 Sample Warfarin Ambulatory Protocol

Quality Metrics

Staffing Structure, Training and Assessment

 National Certification Board for Anticoagulation Providers (CACP) Website
 Organizational Characteristics of High- & Low-Performing Anticoagulation Clinics in the Veterans Health Administration
 Sample Competency Evaluation for Warfarin Manager 1
 Sample Competency Evaluation for Warfarin Manager 2
 Sample Job Description for Medical Assistant
 Sample Job Description for Medical Director 1
 Sample Job Description for Medical Director 2
 Sample Job Description for Warfarin Manager
 Society of Hospital Medicine free CME online learning portal anticoag modules    NEW
Free online CME, 7 modules including TSOACs, Afib, VTE, Reversal, periprocedural management and establishing inpatient programs, January 2015.
 VTE free online CME    NEW
case-based, free-form faculty discussion from the AC Forum and Boston University featuring Dr. David Garcia, Dr. Mark Crowther and Dr. Allison Burnett covering patient management, guidelines, bleeding risk, and current and new anticoagulants in VTE; Open from March 2016-2017 and provides 1 contact hour
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